EnginZyme pitches cell-free biomanufacturing platform at P&G Fabric and Home Care event

EnginZyme was delighted to pitch its solutions to  P&G Fabric and Home Care and more than 80 of their top suppliers at P&G’s Sustainability and Equality & Inclusion Supplier Summit, hosted at the company’s Innovation Centre in Brussels.

EnginZyme pitched its flexible, cell-free biomanufacturing platform, which uses enzymes as catalysts, providing new options to convert biobased raw materials into molecules that are relevant to a wide range of applications — including biobased chemicals like surfactants that go into so many cleaning products.

It’s time for the chemical industry to evolve away from traditional catalysts, rare and expensive metals that require lots of heat and pressure to work.  And this can be done without razing everything to the ground and starting anew. EnginZyme helps companies do sustainable chemistry without changing the fundamental ways they operate. They can use the same methods, the same types of equipment, and the same factories.

For the P&G event, Jordi Lopez Launes, EnginZyme’s Senior Director for Business Development, and Anders Bøgevig, Production Innovation Specialist, focused on biobased surfactants and emollients, which are great examples of enzymatic production. EnginZyme can convert biobased raw materials into existing commercial surfactants and emollients or even bespoke molecules with new structures and functionalities for specific applications.

 This fits well with P&G’s approach to sustainable innovation as it eliminates the use of fossil-based feedstock and enables production at much lower temperatures and pressures, resulting in products with much lower carbon footprints.

“It was an honour to pitch to a leading global company like P&G and in front of such a broad audience,” Lopez said. “It’s been great to get more visibility with P&G and its network of suppliers. Thanks to events like this, we can propose new ways to do chemistry in a more sustainable and cost-efficient way, very much aligned with P&G goals. We want to bring new manufacturing processes and products to market, and this has been an excellent opportunity to connect with industry players and continue building partnerships across the value chain to make it happen.”

The event was part of the “Cleaner, Better Together” programme that was launched by P&G’s Fabric and Home Care division last year and aims to promote joint value creation by driving irresistible and sustainable superiority in partnership with top suppliers.

“P&G Fabric and Home Care are on a mission to decarbonise laundry while delighting consumers with irresistible superior product performance,” said Sundar Raman, CEO of the division. “We already have strong partnerships in place, but we don’t have all the answers yet, which is why we are calling on all moonshot thinkers – inventors, innovators, academics, start-ups, big and small companies – to help us innovate. The Supplier Summit in Brussels gives us, and our suppliers, a great opportunity to connect with potential new partners that could help us decarbonise the entire supply chain.”

EnginZyme is pleased to have been recognised as one of the select moonshot thinkers, and we are looking forward to forming closer connections with P&G Fabric Care and their suppliers.

PHOTO: Jordi Lopez Launes, EnginZyme’s Senior Director for Business Development, pitching at the P&G event last week.

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