White Paper: Avoiding critical nucleoside impurities in Beta-Pseudouridine: A Technical Insight

Modified nucleoside triphosphates, particularly N1-Methyl pseudouridine triphosphate, play an essential role in the formulation of mRNA vaccines. A crucial concern for regents used in IVT is quality of the starting materials. EnginZyme has developed key raw materials for this industry that are produced fully enzymatically enabling lower environmental impact, better cost of goods and equivalent or even superior quality.

In pseudouridine, one key aspect of quality is control over the presence of a critical impurity, alpha-pseudouridine, a by-product of the synthesis of beta-pseudouridine can be eliminated with an efficient, enzymatic synthesis. In this document, we highlight the purity of our beta-pseudouridine product, focussing on the absence of the alpha-isomer. The beta-pseudouridine is enzymatically produced while still meeting all regulatory and quality requirements for the beta-pseudouridine pre-RSM material.

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